LightRules Energy and Intelligence Software


LightRules® is a powerful energy and intelligence platform at the core of the Smart Start Lighting System. This intuitive web-based application provides facility managers with unprecedented levels of visibility and control over lighting resources and energy data. Any LightRules-ready fixture can be part of an intelligent lighting system offering maximum efficiency, flexibility and full reporting.


With LightRules, facility staff have the ability to easily manage lighting system settings and access detailed operational reports. Actual performance data gives facility managers the ability to fine-tune lighting settings to match facilities’ needs, making it easy to keep lighting in sync with changes in business patterns and processes. Is there a seasonal shift in the business? What needs to be done to the lighting program to accommodate it? With LightRules, incremental modifications are a few mouse clicks away.

The LightRules family includes:

             LightRules management software, which integrates with intelligent LED lighting fixtures and LightRules Power to provide comprehensive management and reporting capabilities;

             LightRules Insight, a cloud-based solution that integrates data from multiple facilities into a single dashboard view;

             LightRules Power to measure and monitor energy usage on any piece of equipment or system in facility, and integrate that information into LightRules energy reports;

             LightRules Keypad, a wall-mounted device for implementing pre-programmed lighting profiles across the network; and

             LightRules Monitor, a remote optimization service that leverages Digital Lumens experts to make optimization recommendations.

High Bay Intelligent LED Fixtures

The Most Energy Efficient High Bay Lighting

Designed for rugged industrial lighting environments, the Smart Start Lighting’s portfolio of intelligent high bay LED lighting fixtures offers a range of alternatives – all proven to reduce lighting energy use by up to 90%.

Ideal for applications including – warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing, retail, transportation, aviation, sporting, cold storage and more, the Smart Start Lighting high bay LED product lines include:

             DLEs – The cornerstone of the Smart Start Lighting high bay fixture portfolio, these high-performance alternatives for traditional HID and fluorescent high bay fixtures (HID, HPS, T5HO, and T8HO) are available in 12,000, 18,000, 24,000 and 48,000 lumen versions.

             ILEs – An IP65-rated fixture designed for the most rugged installations – available in 13,000, 18,000 and 26,000 lumen ouput versions and a variety of optics alternatives for different application types – narrow, wide and aisle.

             HLEs  For for locations requiring Class I Div2, Class II Div2, and Class III fixtures, the HLE line brings Digital Lumens’ intelligence, efficiency and performance to facilities that have additional safety concerns.

Every Smart Start Lighting LED high bay fixture features:

Fully integrated occupancy sensing, daylight sensing, power metering and onboard intelligence to maximize efficiency;

Wireless integration with LightRules energy and intelligence platform for reporting and ongoing fine tuning;

Independently rotatable light bars for best light placement

Optics options to maximize light delivery in a variety of environments

Proven reliability — Rugged industrial design, complete UL, cUL, CE, c-tick and NOM certifications, DLC Qualified, and a 5-year warranty


Linear Intelligent LED Fixtures


For both retrofits and new construction projects, Smart Start Lighting intelligent LLEs are highly versatile, controllable, and efficient LED fixtures that feature Smart Start Lightings’ signature intelligence and efficiency.

LLEs are replacements for 1L and 2L T5/T8/T12 fluorescent fixtures and feature:

-4′ length;

-Mounting flexibility — with the ability to be installed individually or end-to-end;

-Control flexibility to be managed individually or as a group;

-3,000 and 6,000 lumen output versions;

-Color temperature options — 4,000K and 5,000K;

-Diffuse optics;

-Smart Start Lightings’ signature intelligence — occupancy sensing, daylight sensing, logging of all energy, and occupancy key data;

-Wireless communication with LightRules® and management software, for management and reporting;

-No maintenance or re-lamping;

-No glass or mercury;

-IP-40 rating;

-60,000+ hour L70-calculated lifetime rating;

-Five-year warranty

Make Any Light Intelligent

Digital Light Agents (DLAs) | Make Any Fixture LightRules Ready

The Digital Light Agent (DLA) product family, stand-alone lighting control solutions, transform any fixture from any manufacturer into a LightRules®-ready member of an Intelligent Lighting System.

DLAs encapsulate Smart Start Lightings’ patented intelligence, sensing, full-range dimming and wireless networking into a suite of standalone products that provide control over any fixture – LED or legacy – or group of fixtures. By bringing Smart Start Lightings’ patented intelligence and control to a wide range of new environments, organizations can gain operational intelligence and maximize efficiency.

Adding DLAs to a fixture can reduce its energy usage by up to 90 percent and accelerate project paybacks – all while sharing data with LightRules for a comprehensive approach to lighting management and efficiency.

The DLA product family includes:

-DLA-I — The fully integrated version of the DLA that can be incorporated by third-party fixture manufacturers;

-DLA-S — A surface-mounted version of the DLA that can be added to individual or groups of fixtures; and

-DLA-R — The recessed-mount version of the DLA.

With the flexibility to deploy at varying levels of granularity — from individual fixtures to circuits – DLAs support any environment and its particular needs.

The result? An intelligent Lighting Network can now be comprised of Digital Lumens’ own intelligent fixtures and any other LightRules-ready intelligent luminaires – made possible by DLAs.