LED Panel lights or Troffer lights?

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At LightFair  last week at the Javits Center in New York the alleyways of convention hall were choked with a flood of LED generated light so bright that the most sought after giveaway was the cheap sunglasses offered by two manufacturer’s booths.  I could not help but notice how similar all the lamps seemed.  How could anyone choose the manufacture that has the quality controls and components to go the distance.  And in today’s world that is 12, 15 even 20 years life span of a modern LED light.

I have been to China in Guangdong and walked through the manufacturing plants reviewing the processes and the systems that create the final product.  I noticed right away that the casings, glass, screws and the connectors are all sourced from one or two manufacturing plants nearby.  But how do we know who will build and ship a product that will stand the test of time?

Two things that Smart Start Lighting looks for are the DLC listing of the final product and an ISO certification that shows a commitment to correcting problems with parts or processes or manufacturing.

We know that certain manufacturers are cutting corners and that will lead to failures.  We know that certain countries have a practice of cutting corners and that leads to failures.  We have had a less than 2% failure rate in a facility of over 2000 fixtures.  That is the reason you choose us for your project.





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