LED Lights – Making the Switch

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The benefits of LED lighting have been proven again and again. LED lights are energy efficient, cost effective and durable. So why are so many businesses missing out on these well known benefits?

The leap from halogen lights to LED lights can be a big change and come with a high price tag for some businesses. However, what many don’t know is that with federal tax incentives and the huge amount of savings from energy bills many business can pay back the cost of the switch in as little as two years.

According to LED Luxor, In 2011, Greektown invested $260,000 to upgrade the lighting system in its over 30,000 square meter casino as well as in all of its 400 hotel rooms. This long-term investment, although a commitment to the capital expense, allowed the company to decrease its energy use by 88 percent.”

In addition to energy savings many businesses also find that their employee efficiency increases after changing to LED lights. The amount of time it takes employees to change light bulbs in a large-scale facility over the years can be a huge waste of time. The operational lifetime of an LED light is 100,000 hours. Therefore, if you were to leave an LED fixture on for 8 hours a day it would take an average of 20 years before the light bulb would need to be replaced! This equates to employees spending less time on changing lights bulbs and more time on customer service.

The LED lighting technology provides a win – win for businesses and the environment. It plays a large role in a company’s corporate social responsibility. There is no alternative nearly as environmentally responsible as that of energy efficiency.

So why haven’t all businesses made the switch? Because there is a lack of information and knowledge. Take the time to do the research and ask the questions. We are here to help you through that process. Please send your questions to



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