So What’s Next for LED Lights?

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Ultra-efficient LED lights that have an electrical efficiency of over 100 percent…. does that sound like science fiction to you? How do lights that have an electrical efficiency of over 100 percent not break the law of thermodynamics?

Ultra-efficient LED diode’s put out more than twice as much energy in photons as its fed in electrons by drawing in the heat energy from its surroundings. When the diode gets more than 100 percent electrically efficient it will start to cool down and in return it will begin to source energy from its surrounding environment to convert into photons.

In the experimental phase researchers reduced the LED input power to 30 picowatts and measured the output of 69 picowatts of light. This results in an efficiency of 230%. So while, the input power decreases the output power increases allowing for optimal efficiency.

This new discovery of lighting is a break through for the industry and it could take up to 10 years before you will see these ultra efficient lights make it to the market in a price efficient manner.

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