• LED Lights – Making the Switch

    The benefits of LED lighting have been proven again and again. LED lights are energy efficient, cost effective and durable. So why are so many businesses missing out on these well known benefits? The leap from halogen lights to LED lights can be a big change and come with a high price tag for some businesses. However, what many don’t know is that with federal tax incentives and the huge amount of savings from energy bills ...

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  • LED Panel lights or Troffer lights?

    At LightFair  last week at the Javits Center in New York the alleyways of convention hall were choked with a flood of LED generated light so bright that the most sought after giveaway was the cheap sunglasses offered by two manufacturer's booths.  I could not help but notice how similar all the lamps seemed.  How could anyone choose the manufacture that has the quality controls and components to go the distance.  And in today's world ...

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