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  • Advisory Services

    Our team will meet with your decision makers and develop a need analysis.

  • Design Services

    Once the objectives and problems are identified, we take photo metric reading throughout which will specify the correct products.

  • Rebate Assistance

    We have an extensive knowledge base of rebate options nationwide are knowledgeable in the requirement to secure funding compliance.

  • Software Services

    Our team of IT professionals will customize a plan that allows flexibility, security, and encourages a safe work place free of lighting generated compliance.

Welcome to Smart Start Lighting

Smart Start Lighting is an innovator in LED energy efficient design & deployment of modern lighting solutions that astound customer and utilities alike. Our designs and deployments offer amazing flexibilities and cost savings that make all CFO’s take notice.

About You

If you are on our site you are a decision maker researching LED lighting for your site(s). Thank you for visiting.

Professional Services

We assess the value and return of the last lighting system any location will need. We create photometric plan that is flexible and solves maintenance and security concerns as well as cutting cost.

About Us

We are experts in LED lighting deployments. We have installed our system in some of the world's largest companies. These systems are capital expenditures with CXO approval.

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Our Products

Intelligent managed lighting systems that replace: Mercury vapor, sodium vapor, florescent, CFL and filaments. Manufacturing, Dock doors, Parking lots Office's, Common Areas, Cold Storage and Hazardous Locations.